"Rayna Knyaginya" Professional Secondary School of Clothing and Catering is located in the town of Stara Zagora.

If we look back in time and return in the distant spring of 1927 when a group of enthusiastic women established on 1st of April "Probuda" Women's Cultural and Educational Society with a representative Dr. Nevena Azmanova Hancheva. At her initiative on 10 September in the town of lime trees was found the Girls Business School “Probuda”.

This professional school has a very interesting history full of unexpected changes on its uneven path. Several buildings have housed the school, many generations of students have passed, and many directors have made their contribution to the expansion and upgrading of its material base. Deep gratitude and honour to Mira Ilieva, Teodora Popova, Nedyalka Parvanova, Boyka Tinkova, Ekaterina Kasabova, Penka Markova, Stoyanka Svilenova, Angel Kapsazov, Ivan Bratoev,  Dimo Dimov, Anton Manchev, Tonka Dineva and Tsanka Neicheva for their love and concern for the educational work in the town.

We pay our sincere honour and gratitude to the first sponsors, members of the association "Probuda": Hancheva, Atanasova, Lisichkova, Peeva Naydenova Hristakieva.

The "Probuda" School for housekeeping girls has started in the building of Kanyo Kaladzhev located on the northwest on " Ruski " Boulevard and "Gurko" Street with director El. Kostova, who was appointed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on 9th September, 1927.

The Association accepts El. Kostova’s refusal to work as a teacher and head master and on 27 September the same year the position is occupied by the selected Mira Ilieva: a teacher of sewing and needlework. In the academic year 1928/1929 the school board decided to release previously occupied building, insufficient and inappropriate for school and the school moved to the Dermendjiev’s house on "Ruski" Boulevard nearby to the City Hospital, along with its director T. Popova.

During the academic year 1936/1937 "Probuda" Girls Practical Craft School with director N. Parvanova opened a sewing workshop led by K. Pashovska for dresses, coats, and suits. Female students studied materials science, accountancy, anatomy, household (cooking), embroidery and practice.

While the school was located in the engineer Iliev’s building, on "Hadji Dimitar Asenov” Street nearby the Regional Library, the building was already insufficient for a school with IV, V, VI classes in two departments: sewing, cooking and confectionery, and in 1937 it moved again but now in its own building on 44 "Tsar Boris" Street (the current building of the school). At the time of the director Tinkova dated the First Parent Teacher Association and the loan from the bank "Yunzhi" for the construction of the first floor of the school building in 1940.

In accordance to order number 409/30.01.1985 the school is transformed into

Technical School for Clothing with five years of study and director Angel Kapsazov and classes in clothing and catering. The celebration of 8 March was attended by the 80-year-old Mara Staneva - patron of the School. In April during the academic year 1960/1961, the school participated for the first time in fashion citywide review of more than 60 models of women's, men's and children's clothing.

In accordance to Ministry of Education’s order RD 14-8/21st of May, 1985 the formal “Mara Staneva” High Vocational Technical School of Clothing and High Vocational Technical School of Catering merge into a unified “Mara Staneva” High Vocational Technical School of Clothing and Catering. Important moment in the lives of the staff of the Technical School of Clothing and Food is the decision of the pedagogical council for a proposal to the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, the school to be converted into a technical school.

Pedagogical team proposed the school to bear the name of Rayna Knyaginya and the patronal feast to be on 22 April – the day of the baptism battle of the Bulgarian Rayna Knyaginya.

On April 16, 1996 by the Minister Ilcho Dimitrov’s order, Secondary Vocational Technical School of Clothing and Catering is converted to a Vocational Gymnasium of Tailoring and Catering and the The Stara Zagora City Council on its session names the school "Rayna Knyaginya."

Since 2002 we started working on "PHARE 2002 - Lifelong Learning." In 2005 the school building (aged 78 years) was overhauled and complete equipment of classrooms, workshops. In training workshops for sewing production all new machines are the German brand Singer. Technology and equipment in the kitchen and the bakery are a Spanish and Italian. With the completion of this project, Vocational Secondary School of Clothing and Catering has become one of the most modern schools outside Stara Zagora.




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